Postural Assessment


Good posture will maximise the function of your muscles and joints and help prevent injury and chronic pain. By improving your postures, such as seated and standing, and correcting poor postural habits, you can achieve significant changes such as reduced back, neck and shoulder pain, reduced joint pain and joint degeneration particularly prevalent in conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis.

We look at the whole body and the effects small changes can make such as the positioning of your feet and their relationship to the movement in your spine, pelvis and head.

During the course of each session a full assessment from your feet to the top of your head is taken, analysing the following:

  • Muscular and skeletal alignment when standing and sitting
  • Flexibility and length of all muscle groups
  • Testing muscle strength
  • Postural symmetry left and right

We will also be assessing key points of pain or discomfort in joints and muscles to see how this may be influenced by your movement, posture and injury history.



The first consultation takes approximately 1 hour. During this consultation we will take a full case history and complete your postural assessment.


Your treatment plan will be designed according to the results of your assessment. Your practitioner will discuss the details of your postural assessment with you and begin teaching strengthening and corrective exercises where necessary. We encourage you to ask as many questions as you need at all stages of your consultation and treatment.


It is ideal for you to wear shorts and t-shirt. Loose fitting or heavy clothing may be restrictive to the assessment. However, if you are unsure that you have the suitable clothing please feel free to call to ask questions. It is also helpful to bring your sporting footwear or your most commonly used shoes along to your first appointment to assist the consultation.


If you have information relevant to your consultation such as MRI scan, X-Ray results or referral letters please bring these with you to your appointment as this will maximise the use of your time with us.

If you have any questions prior to your first consultation, please contact us at the Dragonfly Clinic 01273 784 917, we will be happy to offer any advice you need.

Should you need to cancel or change your appointment time please give the clinic 24 hours notice or a fee of £15 may be charged.