Answers to common questions…

To help you plan your visit to the studio or clinic we have answered a few of the most common questions people have asked over the years.

If there is anything else you would like to ask please do not hesitate to contact us.

01273 311711 / appointments@dragonflyclinic.com

Where do I go for my class / appointment?

Dragonfly Pilates Studios:

  • For all mat & studio Pilates classes / private Pilates sessions
  • For sports therapy treatments with Georgie Shand and Caroline McInnes
  • For workshops and other events

Dragonfly Treatment Room:

  • For sports therapy treatments with Sarah Lloyd

 What do I need to wear for class?

For Pilates and other classes

Flexible and fitted clothing is ideal (eg. leggings, shorts, vest tops, t-shirts etc) for most classes this allows you the greatest comfort when moving and also allows the teacher to see easily how you are moving.

The important thing in a Pilates and is that you don’t have lots of zips and buttons on your clothes that could irritate you while you are exercising.

We also recommend you wear clean socks in the class.

For sports therapy treatments

It is a good idea to bring loose clothing such as shorts and t-shirt wear during your treatment.

For Sports Injury appointments it is often helpful to bring your trainers or sporting footwear (if you use it) along to your first appointment to assist the diagnosis of your injury.

Do I need to bring any mats or equipment to class with me?

We provide all the mats and equipment you will need during each session, so there is no need to bring anything other than yourself and the right clothing to a class

You may also want to bring water to keep hydrated throughout the class.

How often should I do Pilates?

The speed of your progress with Pilates will really depend on how much time you can commit to doing it each week. To get achieve the greatest results we recommend that you do 2 – 3 sessions per week (this could be a combination of studio and mat Pilates).

We understand that people may have work, home and financial commitments which mean this is not always possible. So whatever you can dedicate to improving your movement and fitness will help.

You will still see good results with 1 class a week (and we always encourage you to try some exercises at home between classes). It is simply the more you can do, the greater the changes and the quicker these will happen.

Do I need a sports massage if I’m not sporty?

Quite possibly! The name doesn’t really do justice to the treatment.

It is really only given this name as it is a popular tool sports people when treating soft tissue injuries (ie. injuries to muscles, tendons and ligaments). The style of treatments is suitable for anyone with these kinds of injuries.

Practitioners have a detailed and comprehensive understanding of anatomy physiology allowing them to plan the best treatments for you based on your fitness and abilities.

Can I bring my child to sit in to my appointment?

If you are coming to an osteopathy or massage appointment you may prefer to keep this time as your own. However, if you are a mum or dad you may not be able to find any childcare for the times you need an appointment.

If your baby / child is pre-crawling we’re happy for you to bring them into the treatment room with you (this is particularly helpful for mum’s needing post natal care for back, neck or shoulder pain). If you can bring them their favourite toys as distractions that will hopefully mean you get to focus all your time on your appointment.

Toddlers and young children do tend to get restless which may mean you are less able to focus on your appointment. So if you can find alternative arrangements this is recommended.

Older children who are happy to sit and read or play portable games quietly in the corner may be happy to wait while you are being treated. This will really be something for you to make a judgement on, knowing your child (therapists are not able to give refunds or discounts for sessions which are interrupted or stopped due to a disruptive child).

If you do want to bring your baby / child to the appointment just let reception know when you book.